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Repair Services

Reliable repairs Reliable electrical and electronic equipment is crucial for operating continuous processes. That’s why it’s essential that motors and converters always undergo highly specialized maintenance and routine checkups. Read more

Field Services

Always on-site when needed It’s a top priority in all industries: the availability of plants and equipment. CSL offers specialized maintenance services such as inspection and upkeep as well as rapid fault clearance in industrial.  Read more

Spare Services

Drive and automation systems must be available at all times. Even a single missing spare part can bring the entire plant to a standstill — and result in substantial financial losses for the operator. Read more

Centurion Systems (CSL) is a technology firm which brings to the industrial platform, vast experience in technical services, continuous professional development, research and innovation, with key focus on the fields of industrial automation, motion control and lean manufacturing. Having been in operation since 1989, we have served the cross-sectoral industrial platform within the East African region to support efficiency and productivity enhancement, a proficiency strongly backed by our in-house capability and strategic partnerships with key industrial stakeholders.

Technology-based services for a greater competitive edge

Minimum downtime and the optimum use of staff and resources are key to sustainable success in industry. CSL provides the basis for greater productivity, flexibility, and efficiency with technology-based services throughout the lifecycle of an industrial plant – reliably, globally, and around the clock. In-depth technology and product knowledge as well as industry expertise within CSL’s global expert network ensure a considerable competitive edge.

Working Model

  • ” I have always been interested in electronics since I was a child – I would open up the radio (he would be fascinated by the PCBs). It is important for people ( industry players) to accept new knowledge. I have learnt fault finding techniques and acquired a new skill (pneumatics).  The tutors are very]practical oriented which was what I appreciated the most.”

    Aggrey Kidaki
    Centurion Systems Ltd
  • “I have always had an interest in automation while in school and coming to Centurion Systems has been quite an opportunity to learn more about industrial automation. It has also presented and opportunity to interact with various engineers and technicians from the industry who have given me valuable advice from their experiences.”

    Peter Ruhara
    StudentCenturion Systems Ltd
  • “Training with Centurion Systems has been the best experience ever. The training is practical and industry oriented. I have feeling that given any task in the industry at the moment especially on PLCs and SCADA , i am going to handle it with a lot of confidence.”

    Titus Koech
    Centurion Systems Ltd
  • ” The NI LabView SCADA training was very relevant, intense and practical. It is very important in the milling industry as it displays the silo’s levels, conveyor belt directions and [the process] temperature values”

    Paul Wanyoike
    Centurion Systems Ltd
  • “We have seen that our technicians are now lots more confident in their jobs which has led to an upswing in plant morale and the productivity in our firm has also increased.”

    Jeffrey Njuguna
    Centurion Systems Ltd
  • We have had approximately fifty of our technicians attend these training modules at Centurion Systems and have seen a massive change in their ability to maintain and fault find pneumatic systems within our production plant which has led to a decrease in MTTR (mean time to repair) as well as an increase in MTBF (mean time between failures) which have together led to increased line efficiencies and greater line outputs.

    Dale Harris
    Country Engineering ManagerCenturion Systems Ltd
  • “With the formation of a joint venture between Centurion Systems, Nairobi Bottlers Ltd and Krones East Africa with regards to technical training, Centurion Systems Ltd. was identified as the preferred training facility to train all technicians in the fields of Pneumatics, Electro-Pneumatics,PLCs and Production Line Control Systems.



    Peter Kotieno
    Country Engineering ManagerCenturion Systems Ltd
  • “The apparatus used in the pneumatics training is good. Explanation from the trainer was excellent.”

    Peter Odhiambo
    (Mechanical TechnicianCenturion Systems Ltd
  • “I gained a lot of knowledge about pneumatics that was not clear before. I also got to interact with trainees and trainers on life experience matter”.

    Peterson Nyaga Njiru
    (Electrical Technician, Nairobi Bottlers Limited)Centurion Systems Ltd

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