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Centurion Systems Role in National Systemic Transformation in Education

Centurion Systems Role in National Systemic Transformation in Education Sector in Kenya is evident in various ways. CSL recognizes the need to enhance relevance of the education to suit the dynamic industry needs and improved efficiency, productivity and innovation. Ultimately, the interventions to improve relevance of education to industry needs is for economic prosperity at sector level (Manufacturing sector) and more so individual level where there would be job creation, entrepreneurship and improved livelihood hence poverty alleviation. Centurion Systems in its role to support the national systemic transformation of the Education Sector has been involved in various activities and initiatives with an active engagement of CSL Managing Director, Dr. Kevit Desai. These activities and initiatives include; Present Involvement JICA Master’s Degree and Internship Program of the Africa Business Education Initiative for Youth. In this initiative CSL Managing Director, Dr. Desai is engaged as a member of the Steering Committee Permanent ...
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Youth Empowerment

Centurion Systems Youth Empowerment Creation of adequate employment opportunity, improvement of livelihood and poverty alleviation remain one of the greatest challenges in Kenya, with the young bearing a relatively large burden of this. To counter these challenges, a number of policy interventions have been formulated and implemented on various levels to address the growing employment problem in Kenya. The government, development partners and the private sector have undertaken to engage in job creation, regulate wages, operate employment exchange programmes, improve labor market information systems, and re-orient education and training systems to vocational technical training areas as a means of promoting employment. Interventions include promotion of growth and development of the informal and jua kali sector, adoption of fiscal policies and short term measures such as tripartite agreements. Despite all these interventions, creation of adequate, productive and sustainable employment continues to be the greatest challenge in Kenya. This therefore highlights ...
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