CSL Talent Management

Technical Competency Assessment

The Centurion Systems Technical Competency Framework is based on the skill and competency exhibited by qualified individuals in the engineering field. CSL, being a leading technology transfer firm in Kenya, has the capability to offer customized technical competency assessment on a practical level. Experience with a range of organizations shows that, when combined with an assessment of knowledge and experience, using competencies based on skill improves accuracy in assessing people’s suitability or potential for different jobs. They help prevent interviewers and selectors from making hasty decisions or from assessing interviewees on the basis of characteristics that are not relevant to the job. They can be used to help structure the selection and recruitment process - interviews and tests. Assessing a candidate against specific competencies clarifies their strengths and weaknesses; making it easier to target any professional development that may be needed should they be appointed. Having the latest technology at ...
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Talent Management

How do you choose an Executive Search, Recruitment or Head Hunting partner, company or agency in East Africa? At Centurions System, we understand this dilemma all too well and offer a personal service which is aimed at providing advice, assistance and a long term partnership to ensure that your business grows and thrives, through successful placements of technical candidates and development of your employees in overall. In efforts to bring relevant talent in the technical space, increased technological changes and developments, Centurion systems focuses on training as the key factor in bringing competent technical staff to effectively work in the industrial platform. Centurion Systems has gone a step further to bridge the current gap in the market by providing talent management through recruiting, performance management, learning & development and outsourcing technical staff in the cross-sectoral platform. Through personnel recruitment, we offer an excellent technical force to enhance efficiency and productivity ...
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